Tree Service in Chesapeake Virginia

Making your trees look healthy and beautiful is difficult for many homeowners.  Everyone wants to have a great looking yard, but tree care is hazardous work best left to the professionals! With so many different tree companies available, though, it can be challenging to find one that offers high-quality service and a team of qualified experts.

Chesapeake Tree Care is the leading choice for a full range of arborist services.  We have a professional and fully certified team dedicated to providing the best service possible to the local community, helping their trees stay healthy and green.



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Chesapeake Tree Care: Keeping the Local Trees Healthy and Green

With a large team of licensed arborist professionals, Chesapeake Tree Care is fully insured, and we emphasize workplace safety for all our staff members.   We provide a wide range of services, from simple tree pruning all the way to stump grinding.  When it comes to offering the best tree care and exceptional customer service, Chesapeake Tree Care is the premier choice for the Chesapeake area, keeping it full of magnificent, stately trees.

Why Choose Chesapeake Tree Care?

With so many other tree companies available, why choose Chesapeake Tree Care?  For starters, we are fully insured and licensed, with all of our employees highly trained in tree service and care.  We are also very affordable and offer the cheapest tree service in the Chesapeake area.  The expert tree surgeons we employ have a comprehensive knowledge of tree science and how to complete hazardous tree work safely and correctly.

Chesapeake Tree Care’s services will fit your budget and your tree care needs without breaking the bank.  We provide both residential and commercial services and use only state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the job gets done properly.  With a broad base of satisfied customers, we have served the community with all of their tree care needs in a friendly and professional way since we were established.  Chesapeake Tree Care ensures that the job gets done efficiently, correctly, and most importantly, with full safety procedures in place. 

Full Range of Tree Care Services

Other companies don’t offer the comprehensive services that Chesapeake Tree Care provides, whether it’s a small residential job or a huge industrial job of clearing acres of land and trees.  We follow every safety procedure to the letter to ensure our employees stay safe and avoid workplace accidents.  

Our services are always quick and efficient, with a minimal amount of damage to the surrounding area. Some damage is inevitable, but our experts at Chesapeake Tree Care work incredibly hard to ensure we complete the job without ruining the surrounding landscape.  

Chesapeake Tree Care’s available services include stump removal and grinding, tree cutting service and removal, tree cabling and bracing, and insect and disease management.  Here is a detailed list of all the services we provide for both residential and commercial tree jobs.



Tree and shrub pruning and tree removal services

If the trees and shrubs at your home or business are starting to grow out of control, then Chesapeake Tree Care’s tree cutting service experts will come and safely prune them back.  Having too many tree branches or overgrown shrubs and hedges not only looks messy, but it can be hazardous.  The branches could touch the power lines or cover up the line of sight to the street.  With the certified arborists we employ, Chesapeake Tree Care has the expertise and specialized equipment to quickly and safely prune your trees back down to size.  We’ll give the exterior of your home a neat and manicured look.

Tree service removal is treacherous work that needs to be done by a professional to reduce the damage to surrounding property.  Whether a homeowner wants tree removal to put in a pool, deck, or garden, or a landowner has a large job of clearing a few acres to build a new house, Chesapeake Tree Care has the top-notch equipment and experts to get the job done.  We always ensure a high level of compliance with local regulations, and we utilize the ‘Call Before You Dig’ hotline every time to ensure there are no electric or gas lines under the ground before we start working.

Stump removal and grinding

When a tree is removed from the ground, the next job is to get rid of the stump that’s left behind.  Stumps can be very tricky to remove because of their large and convoluted root systems that reach far down under the soil.  Usually, it’s more efficient to grind the stump and roots to about three to six inches below the surface.  Chesapeake Tree Care offers simple and straightforward stump grinding and can remove the unsightly appearance of stumps from your lawn, making it look pristine and smooth again.  

However, when grinding a stump isn’t feasible, then the next option is stump removal.  Chesapeake Tree Care’s employees have experience eliminating the entire stump and root system without extensive amounts of damage to the lawn or surrounding areas.  The cost of stump removal and grinding depends on the species of tree, how dense the wood is, and the size of the stump.  

Tree bracing and cabling

Sometimes, trees and branches grow in such a way that they can’t support their own weight.  When this happens, the tree becomes damaged and potentially could cause human injury if the branches collapse.  Chesapeake Tree Care uses durable, strong tree cables and expert bracing techniques to support any tree that can’t hold up its own weight.  

Trees with multiple trunks may not have an issue with weight distribution when they are young but as they grow older and become heavier, limb integrity and branch support can become compromised.  The solution is to put firm and stable braces and well-placed cables to redistribute the weight so the tree can stand up tall again.  

Insect management and disease prevention

Another essential aspect of tree care services is managing diseases and insect populations.  When insects infest a tree, they cause massive amounts of damage if their population grows unchecked.  Our experts at Chesapeake Tree Care are trained to recognize the difference between beneficial insects that help keep the nuisance insect populations down, and insects that can cause huge infestations and major damage.  We also offer preventative services to help diagnose an infestation when it occurs.  When we find damaging insects, we use all-natural and eco-friendly measures to take care of them before they cause irreparable damage to the tree they’ve infested.    

Leaf and tree diseases can be devastating to the tree population.  Our tree service experts at Chesapeake Tree Care have the expertise to diagnose, manage, and treat diseases that can cause rapid deterioration in an otherwise healthy tree.  We’re also highly knowledgeable concerning ideal soil composition for optimal growth conditions and utilize all-natural fertilization methods to encourage healthy trees and deter any diseases from taking hold.  

Friendly and Experienced Arborists: Chesapeake Tree Care 

No matter what type of tree care your home or business needs, Chesapeake Tree Care can handle it.  Our team of tree surgeon experts provide high-quality tree care services and have been keeping the community looking green and healthy for years.  Whether you need a tree pruned or removed, stump grinding or removal, or bracing and cabling, Chesapeake Tree Care has highly trained professionals that will do the job correctly and safely.  We also provide insect and pest population management and tree disease prevention as well.  When you need a reputable and efficient tree service, Chesapeake Tree Care is the premier choice.  Give us a call today and watch your trees turn healthy and beautiful!