Emergency Tree Care

When large trees are damaged by storms and strong winds, they can become hazardous to the nearby houses and powerlines. Emergency tree service is available at Chesapeake Tree Care 24/7 to remove fallen branches that have knocked down power lines. Trees may become uprooted and fall on your car or a neighbor’s car. If this happens you want help fast. You don’t want to wait for a tree service to come the next day.

Tree damage may also cause you and your neighbors to lose electricity. This can be devastating if you have electric heating, air conditioning or cooking. It’s also not very safe to have no lights inside or outside your home. This is why 24-hour emergency tree service is essential. We also help the power company restore electricity to the neighborhood.


If you have a large tree near your home or near where you park your car, make sure the trunk is not rotting. Decay at the base of a trunk is not uncommon and often not seen until it is too late.


An expert can detect if a tree has rotting areas that can make it unsafe. Damage prevention and tree preservation may help you avoid a tree falling on your car or worse on your house and injuring someone.


Trees are a valuable asset to any property, but they can present problems and become dangerous. If you are a property manager or homeowner, make sure your trees are assessed by a professional from Chesapeake Tree Care at least once a year to maintain their health, beauty and safety.