Tree Trimming and Pruning

Many people think pruning and trimming are basically the same. While they both remove branches and shape the tree, they have different purposes.

Tree pruning is a highly specialized technique that involves selectively removing specific parts of a tree that may be diseased or dangerous. Damaged branches, deadwood, intrusive roots above ground and otherwise structurally unsound parts of a tree need to be correctly removed to maintain the health of the tree and keep you safe in your own garden.

Trees may be pruned to remove branches that cross over each other or small branches that are growing in an unwanted direction. Trees that blossom can be shaped for beauty.

Loppers cutting tree branch to prune tree
Arborist pruning a tree by cutting branch with a hand saw

Tree trimming is basically the same as pruning but with an emphasis on aesthetics. The main objective of trimming is the thinning of overgrown branches. Even a healthy tree may need trimming to maintain its proper shape and appearance. A tree can be trimmed at any time of the year, but winter is considered the best time.

During winter, plants are dormant, which reduces the possibility of damaging nearby plants. Also, without leaves, it is easier for us to assess the health of the whole tree and reach the exposed branches that need to be cut.

Without proper trimming by an expert, a tree can begin to look unwieldy and scraggly. Also, extra branches can block the light from reaching the lower leaves and moisture and nutrients from reaching the roots. At Chesapeake Tree Care our trimming objectives are:

  • Remove dead and ugly branches
  • Restore the symmetry and appearance
  • Assess the tree’s overall health

It is a huge advantage to have trees on your property. Trees add beauty, shade and attract wildlife while adding curb appeal and value to your home. Our professional tree preservation services will keep your trees healthy, so they look good for decades.

Our employees are the best arborists in the business, and we have the latest tree-care equipment. We give you a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee whether you need tree trimming, tree pruning or emergency tree removal.


Tree service professional using pole saw to cut tree branch