Tree Removal

It’s a hard decision to remove a majestic tree that has flourished for decades, but safety comes first. Even though they live longer than most humans, trees have life-spans and become old and die. When this happens, branches may begin to decay and be easily blown down in a strong wind. They also drop from their own weight. Dying trees whether it is from age or disease is dangerous, not attractive and needs to be removed.

picture of man with pants and long sleeve shirt leaning down with chainsaw and cutting through tree
Arborist up in tree in residential area safely cutting down tree with a chainsaw

Tree removal is a very specialized job. Do not try this at home. There are many considerations when removing a tree such as power lines and where the branches and trunk will drop. Each large branch needs individual consideration to make sure it drops safely without damaging outhouses, swing sets and other permanent structures in your garden.

Other reasons trees need to be removed include storm damage that cannot be repaired with pruning or trimming and positioning. It may be taking up too much space in your backyard that you need for living. Finally, you may need to remove a tree that is hanging over your house. This could void your home insurance and trimming the tree won’t help.

Only knowledgeable, licensed, insured and experienced arborists should undertake the removal of a tree. Chesapeake Tree Care Service arborists are licensed and insured providers. Any other tree cutter may put you, your property and the tree cutter are at risk.

Sometimes trees are closer to a neighbor’s house than your house. This means it has to be cut with careful consideration of the other’s property. As you can see, removing a tree is not as simple as grabbing a chainsaw and cutting it down.


Tree service pro cutting section of felled tree with a chainsaw